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Rite Price Solar is a leading provider of solar power systems in Adelaide and South Australia. Our experts are qualified to deploy solar power systems of any scale – from residential homes to large commercial buildings. Our solar power systems are top quality and extremely lasting, as we use only the top brands in the industry.

When choosing a solar power systems provider, it is important to take a few things into consideration.


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Rite Price Solar experts have extensive installation experience and does a great job with solar installations every time. Besides installing solar power systems, our installers are also roofing specialists and tradesmen first. As such, you can be sure that every installation will be done with careful consideration and planning, ensuring that your roofing stays sound – while you harness the power of the sun for your home.

Field Expertise & Proven Installation Experience

Expert knowledge and practical field/installation experience is critical to the success of every solar power system installation. Besides have a good knowledge of how to install the solar power systems, it is equally important to be trained in the installation and configuration of different brands of solar panels, inverters, switch boards, batteries and other inherent components.

Configuring all the different components to work optimally together, requires much field experience. in addition, placement of the solar panels need to be considered carefully as well, in order to achieve maximum operating efficiency.


Quality & Durability of Parts

Solar power systems come at a relatively high one-time cost to home owners. It is important to choose brands and components that deliver the best quality and durability. Rite Price Solar installs only the top solar brands in the industry – ensuring the best quality and durability. All our components come with the best warranty you will find on the market.

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Ongoing Service and Support

Your solar power system project doesn’t stop once installation is done. Ongoing service and support is an important consideration. Although most top branded systems should perform for years without failing, some level of maintenance, cleaning and troubleshooting may be required.

It is important to choose an installation company with a strong reputation in providing not just quality installations, but a strong and friendly ongoing service and support.

As Rite Price Solar, we pride ourselves on timely, effective and personable service and support. Our expert installers are always on hand, to help answer any questions or troubleshoot any faults.