Solar Panels Adelaide - Benefits of Home Solar Power Systems

The Benefits of Solar Power Systems

For most home owners, a solar power system or solar panels represent a reduction in their electricity bills. While that is indeed true, what many do not focus on are the many intangible benefits associated with using solar power.

With South Australia being the state with the highest energy costs, it is no wonder that one could see solar panels lining most the roof of houses. Below are some benefits to installing solar panels.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Clean, Free Energy

A home solar power system is the cleanest form of energy you could utilise for your home. Solar Panels capture natural sunlight using photovoltaic cells, and converts the light energy into a DC current. This is then converted into an AC current by a Solar Inverter. The AC current is then used to power electrical appliances in the home, and can also be stored in a solar battery for future use.

The best thing about solar panels is that the energy is completely free. You do not have to worry about oil prices as you utilise solar power in your home. The only limitation is the amount of sunlight you can capture which varies depending on the orientation of your home and your roof layout.

Protects You Against Future Energy Cost Increases

A constant worry for many home owners is the constantly escalating oil prices, which in turn causes electricity bills to skyrocket.

With the gas and oil prices rises rapidly over the last few years, one can only expect the same increases in the future.

Installing a solar panel system for your home will safeguard you against future energy cost rises. This is a benefit that many home owners neglect.

With a large enough capacity, your solar power system could potentially support your daily kWh usage, effectively taking your home “off grid”. This means that you stop drawing electricity from the grid and do not need to pay your power company.

Environmentally Friendly. Zero greenhouse gas emmissions

Solar Panels Adelaide - Benefits of Home Solar Power Systems

If you are concerned about protecting the environment, then installing a solar power system is a no-brainer. Solar panels not only generate free electricity, they also have zero greenhouse gas emissions. It’s 100% clean.

In addition, by converting your energy usage from your power company to solar panels, you are effectively reducing the damage done to the environment through the conventional use of combustion to generate energy. Power companies release a massive amount of greenhouse gases annually during the process of generating electricity.

Love mother earth and want to do your bit to protect it? Install a home solar power system today.

Increased Home Value

Solar Panels Adelaide - Benefits of Home Solar Power Systems

Featuring a solar power system at home can increase the value of your property. This is a proven fact. Homes with a suitably sized solar power system installed command a premium over houses that do not have solar panels.

Solar panels are now seen as a desirable long term investment and home buyers are more inclined to homes that come solar-equipped, than those that don’t.

Long Warranties and Long Lifespan

Solar Panel systems last a long time. Since there are no movable parts, solar power systems have a very long lifespan.

Manufacturers have also been very liberal with their warranties. Some even offering life-time warranties that come with a few clauses.

A solar panel system delivers long term benefits for a one-time cost. The initial installation cost could be high, but the drawn out benefits will eventually catch up and supercede the cost.

Solar power system owners are now looking at 5-7 years breakeven. Which is when the power savings amount to more than the cost of the initial installation.

Peace of Mind

There is nothing more liberating than using electricity generated from solar panels. Knowing that you are using the natural energy from the sun, which costs you nothing, frees you up to enjoy your home more.

On a hot summer day, you can keep your air conditioning on all day and power it fully with your solar panels. Of course, you should calculate the power consumption vs solar yield to ensure you do not have a bill shock at the end of the month.

If you have a solar power system with a large enough capacity, you will have the peace of mind to freely enjoy your home appliances.


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