Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

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There are many Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems packages available in Adelaide and they are presented for varying solar system sizes (kW) and comes with different brands of solar panels. Not all Solar Power Systems are created equal and not all deliver the same efficiency and durability.

Especially when selecting solar panels for your home solar power systems, it is important to research for the best brands of solar panels, and not just take any recommendation given you by a solar power systems company.

Read below to find out how you should evaluate your options in order to choose the best solar panels and solar power systems packages. Depending on your choice of components, your final solar package quote will vary. As a general guidance, we like to tell customers to budget for roughly $1,000 per kW – and this is subject to final package inclusions.

Contact Rite Price Solar today for a 100% customized quote for your home. We will recommend the exact size you require so you will not end up with an oversized/underused solar power system, or one with insufficient capacity.

Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

Solar packages typically come with a few key components :

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverter
  • Mounting System
  • Solar Battery (if storage is required)

These components make up the bulk of the cost of solar power systems. Choosing the brands for each component is what affects the overall cost of installing solar power systems. And there are many options. It is important to choose the components carefully, as not all brands are proven to perform well, or last as long.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

Solar Panels

Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems PackagesBest Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems PackagesThis is the core component of solar power systems. Solar panels are what captures sunlight and uses it’s photovoltaic cells to convert that sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. This is the component that makes it all possible. Depending on your system size (which is measured in kW), the number of solar panels required may vary. Typically, a 3kW system may require up to 12 panels, and a 5kW system may require 20 panels.

There are many brands of solar panels in the market. It is important to check the brand that your solar panel company will be using. You can suggest a particular brand if you have researched that the brand performs better.

When researching on solar panels brands, you should look into consumer reviews, and also speak with solar panel expert installers. You solar company will also be able to explain the benefits and downsides of different brands of solar panels.

At Rite Price Solar, we have tested many different brands of panels and recommend the TrinaSolar and Talesun brands. These brands offer the best price to performance ratio, and are very durable. These brands are chosen for their excellent build quality – able to withstand wind and snow loads of up to 2400Pa and 5400Pa respectively. It is important to use a brand that can withstand the elements.

Solar Inverter

The solar inverter is the component that converts the DC electricity captured by the panels, into AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which is what is required to power home electrical appliances. Solar inverters thus, is another very important component of solar power systems. You should be careful to select a brand of solar inverter that has a proven reputation and good price to performance ratio.Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

Rite Price Solar recommends SunGrow inverters which has a strong reputation of performance excellence, with other 18 years of proven R&D and experience in the solar industry. SunGrow has been providing inverters of exceptional quality since 1997. SunGrow inverters are also operate extremely quietly – at only 30dB. That is almost silent to the human ear. These inverters are also proven to be extremely durable – requiring minimal maintenance.

Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages With SMA Smart Home

Another important component of solar power systems is the solar battery and storage system.This allows excess electricity to be stored up during the day, so that the home can continue to rely on solar power even during the night. The size of your solar battery required will depend on your home electricity usage load. For low consumption households, smaller batteries will do. For larger homes or higher consumption homes, much larger storage solutions are available.

Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

Rite Price Solar recommends the SMA flexible storage system. This is an advanced solar storage system that intelligently manages the electricity generated by your solar panels, efficiently storing it, and deploying it to different appliances in the home. SMA allows you to configure the exact usage model you want for your solar power system. By having total control, you will be able to optimize the savings you get from your solar power system, and see the actual reductions you want to see in your power bill.

Best Solar Panels & Solar Power Systems Packages

For a detailed description of all solar power system packages offered by Rite Price Solar, view the packages posted above. To speak with our expert installers, call Rite Price Solar at (08) 8343 5988 today.

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