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Solar Power Systems and Solar Panels are the new trend in Adelaide for home owners. And Australia, with it’s all-year sunny skies – particularly in Adelaide – is the perfect location to harness solar power for homes. In fact, as cited by the Australian Photovoltaic Institute Solar Map, over 30 percent of the power usage on Boxing Day 2014 – was generated by Solar Power Systems. With town councils strongly advocating solar systems, and the prices of solar panels falling rapidly, it is no wonder that home owners are making solar systems installation an inclusion in their home building & improvement plans.

Why Solar Power Systems or Solar Panels in Adelaide?

There are obvious benefits to using Solar Power for a home – or any industry for that matter. Before we delve further into the ins and outs of solar power systems and provide more information about solar panels, here are a few reasons why one should seriously consider installing one

Cutting Back on Electricity Bills

Many home owners dream of a day they would not need to pay a monthly electricity bill. “Going Off-Grid” is what is known as being able to replace electricity purchased from a power company completely with solar power. When you go off-grid, you no longer need to pay your power company for electricity. As you will be generating it yourself. In fact, there are rebates available when you “return” excess electricity that your solar panels generate back to the grid. So in effect, your power company may pay you!

For other less ambitious home owners, they may be happy just to be able to use solar energy to power some appliances in their home. Such as, air-conditioning (which can consume quite a bit of electricity) or ducted heating systems.

All in all, saving money is what you get with using solar systems to power your home.

Going “Green” | Environmental Responsibility

In today’s context, being socially and environmentally responsible is a key reason why many new and existing home owners are looking to install solar panels. Particularly in Adelaide, where we get an abundance of the sun.

It feels good being “green”. Not only does shifting to solar power panels in Adelaide save you money, you will also be reducing air pollution (ie. from gas or coal fueled power plants). And, you will also inherently become an advocate of clean energy.

Want to do your bit for the environment? Solar Power is the way to go in Adelaide.

Increasing The Value of Your Home

With Town Councils in most states strongly encouraging installation of Solar Power Panels in Adelaide, and power companies authorised to provide attractive “feed-in tariffs”, home buyers are becoming increasingly keen on homes with pre-installed solar power systems with solar batteries, or even just solar panels (without the solar batteries). In fact, research shows that home buyers are willing to pay attractive premiums for houses that sell with solar power panels installed.

Hence, whether you are building a new home for own-stay, or to put on the market, solar power panels are always a good inclusion to have.

How Do Solar Power Systems and Solar Panels Work?

Simply, it converts clean energy from the Sun into usable electricity that one may use to power electrical appliances in the home. You can use solar converted electricity just like you use electricity from your power company.

A complete solar power system would include the solar panels (mounted on roofs), an inverter, an electrical panel, a solar battery and a utility meter. The photovoltaic cells on the solar panels capture sunlight and converts it into direct current electricity(DC) – which the inverter then converts to alternating electricity (AC), which is required to power household appliances. Excess electricity generated charges the solar batteries and is stored there for night time usage or as needed.

It is important to understand that your home is still connected to the power grid. So if your solar power system fails for any reason, you can still fall back on using the electricity from your power company.

With the right combination of solar panels (kw and storage capacity), you could definitely generate and store enough solar generated electricity to go “off grid”. Meaning, you do not need to use the electricity from the power grid – NO POWER BILLS to worry about!

Rite Price Solar

“A home improvement that saves you money everyday” – Rite Price Solar

Rite Price has earned a reputation for excellence in customer service across our heating , cooling, and roofing lines of business. With years of knowledge and experience, we know homes, we know heating and air conditioning, and we know roofs. Energy efficiency has always been core value to our business.

Choose Rite Price Solar if you’re looking for a quality solar energy system, backed by a company that has been delivering home improvements in South Australia for more than 17 years. We will supply, install, and service your system, helping you add value to your home, lower your energy bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. We only use top-quality panels and inverters that are installed by our own in-house team to make sure you get the best performance and biggest cost savings. Your home is our priority.

Solar systems in AdelaideAustralia is in the midst of a solar revolution, and there has never been a better time to make the investment. Give us a call today on the deals we have on Solar systems and we will look after you.

If you are ready to find out how solar energy can work for you, we invite you to phone Rite Price Solar on (08) 8343 5988. We will schedule a site inspection with a knowledgeable technician who will draw up a detailed proposal and answer any questions you might have.



Best Recommended Solar Power Systems & Solar Panels

Rite Price Solar recommends only the best brands in the solar power systems space. That is because we want our installations to last – and perform optimally – for a long time for our customers.  We also aim to minimise the need for repairs and maintenance. Thus saving our customers on long term running costs.

Two top brands we recommend are Talesun & Trina Solar.

Solar Power Systems & Solar Panels Adelaide

Solar Power Systems Adelaide & Solar Panels Adelaide

Solar Power Systems Adelaide | Solar Panels Adelaide

Rite Price Solar uses only top-grade panels and solar systems equipment to ensure every installation works perfectly – for a long time.

Besides picking out a good solar panel, you would also need to consider which Solar Inverter & Solar Storage system to install. Consult with Rite Price on the best and most suited solution for your home. SMA and SUNGROW are two highly recommended solar brands that we have tested and proven in the field.

Solar Power Systems | Solar Storage Adelaide

Solar Power Systems | Solar Storage Adelaide


solar panels adelaide

Solar Power Systems | Solar Storage Systems Adelaide


How To Pick A Good Solar Power System For Your Home

Selecting a solar power system and solar panels for your home can be a simplistic exercise. Truth to tell, You might be currently confused with all the different brands of solar power systems and solar panels in the market. The simple way to go about it is to :

  1. Determine how much capacity (kW & Storage) you home needs.
  2. Contact a reliable and proven Solar Power Systems Installer. 

Experts from Rite Price Solar can really help make the process a lot simpler for you. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions about your energy goals and usage, and our field engineers will be able to put together an ideal solar power installation proposal for your home.

How Many kW capacity and storage is needed?

This is the question that every home owner looking to install solar power systems must answer. Determining how much capacity you need is necessary so you can pick the right sizing for the installation. To shed some light on this matter, read the estimations below.

  • A 1kW Solar Power System typically generates 4-5kW of electricity per day.
  • A 3-bedroom home with 4 persons typically consumes 12-16kWs of electricity per day
    (day time usage only)

Hence, a 2-3kW or 3-4kW solar power system would seem to suffice for an average 3-bedroom home. This depends on the owner’s consumption and energy goals. However, this is only taking day-time usage into account.

If you want to go completely off-grid, and 100% solar, you will need to install solar storage systems or solar batteries that can be charged during the day – so you can store electricity to cover your night consumption.

The storage capacity of your battery will affect how much more kW you will need to add to your solar generation capacity. So while an average home only requires 2-3kW for day usage, with a solar storage system or battery, you may need to increase that capacity to a 4-5kW or even 7 kW system. It really depends on what your energy goals and consumption is currently. A Rite Price field engineer will be able to give an accurate forecast on capacity.

How Rite Price Solar Help :

Solar Power Systems | Solar Panels Adelaide

When it comes to Solar Power Systems installations, Rite Price Solar can provide top quality solar panels and equipment that is second to none. We only use top brands and our field engineers and installers are highly trained to install and service each brand. With a long history in the roofing industry, Rite Price guarantees excellent customer satisfaction and our goal is to make every installation – a positive experience for our customers.

Call us today and have a chat with our friendly consultants.

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