Solar Panels Adelaide – Solar Power System Calculator

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Use our Solar Power System Calculator to work out the kW size of the solar power system you would require for your home. Depending on your kW capacity required, you will need to order a corresponding number of solar panels in order to generate the required capacity.

Solar Power System Calculator – Usage instructions : 

Just enter your last power bill cost, the cost per kWh rates charged by your electricity provider, as well as an estimate of how many hours of peak sunlight your area gets, and the calculator will generate your estimated power savings. You can then adjust the size of the system to determine which size best suits your needs.

If you are planning to go off-grid, and eradicate your electricity bill completely, you will need to go for a higher kW system with storage batteries. The calculator will report your Daily Generation Capacity, Daily Savings, How Much You Use, And How Much Your Solar Power System Generates Per Month.


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Disclaimer :
Results generated are just estimates. Every household’s usage pattern is unique and results will vary depending on those usage patterns. 
This calculator is a free service and we will not be liable for any financial loss arising from it’s usage. It is also not a guarantee of performance in any way.

Solar Panels Adelaide – Solar Power System Sizing

Solar Panels Adelaide - Solar Power System

The solar power system calculator is only the first step. It is a good way to get a ballpark estimate of what solar power system size you will need. Read the rest of this page to understand how you can accurately and systematically map out the exact solar power system you would require for your home.

How To Determine The Size Of Solar Power System

In order to determine the exact size of the solar power system you require, you will need to consider a few factors. The system size required will depend on a few variables. Such as but not limited to, your consumption, your savings target, whether you will install solar batteries, and the amount of peak sunlight you get in your area. Let’s look at each of these now.

Check Your Current Usage Or Consumption

You can get this information from your power/electricity provider. Most of the power companies, like Origin (one of the largest), will have online portals that you can log in to check your usage details. You will be able to get information about your kWh usage in a given period. Usually 3 months / Quarterly. It is important to check your current usage so you know how much capacity you will require from your solar power system. When checking your usage, make sure you also look at your historical usage record, so you can get a good average between the bills. This gives you a more accurate data.

Set Your Solar Power System Savings Target

As a home owner, you need to set a goal. If you want to go completely off-grid (completely eradicate your power bill!), you will need a solar power system that can offset 100% of your consumption. If you want to cut your power bill by 50%, then you need a solar panels capacity that can generate 50% of your consumption.

And if you just need to offset your air conditioning power consumption, then a much smaller solar power system may suffice – say a 2-3kW solar power system.

So you need to first decide what you wish to achieve by installing solar panels and how much electricity you want out of your solar power system.

Decide On Type and Size Of Your Solar Power System

This is the final step. And the most important one. There are different components to a solar power system :

Solar Panels Adelaide - Solar Power System

  • Solar Panels – This actually captures the sunlight and converts them to DC electricity via photovoltaic cells.
  • Solar Inverter – This converts the DC electricity into AC current which can be used by electrical appliances.
  • Solar Battery – This stores excess electricity generated for future use. Eg. night usage.
  • Solar Management System – This is the system that ties it all together and manages power usage and storage.

It is the Solar Panels and Solar Batteries that generally makes up the size of a system. For instance, a 5kW system may require 20 Solar Panels, while higher kW systems will require more solar panels.

The size of the solar battery also plays a big part in the size of a system. A larger battery means that more electricity can be stored away for future use. Hence, a larger battery may actually allow you to go for a smaller system size. However, this depends on your usage and whether you use more electricity during the day or night.

For instance, just as an example and a very rough estimate, a 7kW solar power system with a solar battery can potentially offset 80-90% of a power bill that comes in at say $350 per quarter. Again this is not a guarantee, and results will vary depending on the usage pattern of each home. To get an accurate assessment of your power needs, submit the quotation request form on the top of this page or call us on our hot-line.

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Once you have used the solar power calculator, and decided on the above considerations, you can call our experts at (08) 8343 5988 to discuss your requirements. Our expert consultants are trained to provide the best recommendation that’s best suited for your home.