Solar Panels For Summer

Why Solar Panels Are Great For Summer

Solar Panels Adelaide

Solar Panels are becoming an essential for most new (and existing) homes. With energy prices skyrocketing, astute home owners are now not even considering the ROI or break even time for their solar panel investment. Many are just including solar panels as default in their new home plans with their builder.

More so, in a location like Adelaide South Australia, where we experience hot summers. Although we do get quite a bit of overcast clouds here, which to certain extents limits the amount of power generated by solar panels, the real benefit of installer a home solar system is during the hot months of summer.

Most homes will blast their air conditioners through Summer. Especially during the day time. With external temperatures hitting over 40°c, there’s just no other way to get through the heat wave. A ducted or split system air conditioner set to 16-19° in summer consumes a lot of power. This is where solar panels comes in to good use.

Solar Panels Help Reduce Summer Power Costs

A 5kW solar panel, in South Australia, averages between 15-20+kWh of energy production each day. This is based on estimates for summer – whether external temperature is between 35-40°c and on clear day with no clouds.

While 15-20+kWh is unlikely to completely offset the consumption for most households, it is more than sufficient to cover at least the additional air conditioning costs for a summer’s day. For many home owners, it’s a matter of perspective. Many are happy to just be able to offset their air conditioning power bills. It just feels good to be able to keep your family comfy through summer, and let your home solar system supply the energy needed.

Another benefit of installing Solar Panels ahead of Summer, is that most household’s day time usage is higher for summer. Unless you are installing a solar battery, your solar panels are only able to generate power when the sun is out. With the summer holidays and term breaks, the kids are home all day, and often times parents as well. We all take breaks during the summer to spend time with family.

With more people home during the day, a solar panel system helps to offset the increased power consumption. Not just from air conditioning, but also from kids watching TV, playing online games on the PC, extra cycles done of the dish and clothes washers, etc. 15-20+kWh of additional power can go along way to compensate for such additional usage.

Well… yesterday’s temperature was 36-39°c. And the summer heatwave is almost upon us! There is no better time to put in a solar panel system for your home, if you have not done so.

solar panels pricing for summer

Solar Panel Pricing

Solar Panels used to cost a lot more than what they cost today. Home owners used to pay between $7,000 to $9,000 for a small 3-4 kW solar panel system – just 10 years ago. Today, solar panels pricing has significantly reduced, due to rebates, intense competition between solar panels manufacturers, and also reduction in manufacturing costs (as a result of better technology).

A 5kW solar panel system now only sets you back about $5,000 to $6,000 on average. And that is with full installation and a solar battery ready inverter. Home owners now view it as a good long term investment. An asset that helps reduce power costs, and also improves the value of their home. The average break even period is now only 5-7 years. This could be much shorter, depending on your usage model.

Quick Tip For Solar Panels Installation

If you plan to install solar panels, here are two quick tips for you. Be very careful to discuss the facing of your solar panels. North facing solar panels are the most ideal for Adelaide. This is because, as we all know, the sun rises in the east and moves towards to the west each day. And with South Australia being in the southern hemisphere, north facing panels will be able to catch the sun full on, throughout the day.

The more sunlight your solar panels capture, the more power you generate daily. So make sure you use up all your north facing roof space for solar panels. If you do not have enough roof space on your north facing roof, north east or north west would be the next best option.

It is also important to go for solar panels manufactured by reputable companies. Always check consumer reviews and look up the manufacturer’s website before deciding on a brand. Your solar panel is a very long term investment, and you will want to go for the best and most reliable brand.

Need advice on Solar Panels?

Rite Price Solar specialises in the installation of high quality solar panel systems for homes. We supply only the best brands and can recommend the best setup for your home. We can do a free analysis of your roof and advise the best system size for your home. Contact us today at (08) 8343 5988.