How To Buy Solar Panels in Adelaide?

solar panels adelaide


Solar Panels not only cuts down your monthly power bill, it also adds to the value of your home. Many discerning Adelaide home owners are now installing solar panels into their new or existing homes.

What approach should one use to install solar panels into a home? Check out the 3 steps below.


Step 1 : Determine what system size you need.

solar panels adelaide

This is the first step in the solar panels installation process. You need to know how large a capacity you want. Solar panels capacity is referred to as Yield. Daily yield is the amount of usable electrical power a solar panels system generates in one day.

Solar Panels vary widely in terms of system size. Starting from 2-3kW systems, it can scale up to 10-20kW system sizes. It all depends on how much capacity – and roof space you have. Typically, 1 solar panel will deliver between 250W to 270W of electricity. Hence, a 5kW solar panel system will required 18-20 solar panels.

It is important first ascertain your personal objectives for installing solar panels. If you wish to go off-grid and pay nothing on your power bill, you will need a system size that can generate sufficient electricity to completely offset your family’s daily consumption. If you just want to reduce your power bill by 20-40%, you can possibly settle for a smaller kW system with lesser daily yield.

In order to determine your system size,  you may also refer to your current power bill. You should be able to see how much electricity your household consumes per day. Work out an average daily consumption, and then calculate what system size is needed to generate that amount of electricity.

As a gauge, the average daily yield for a 5kW north facing system is about 16-20kwh per day.


Step 2 : Check your roof layout.

Solar Panel Facing Adelaide - Solar Power SystemRoof layout is extremely important when it comes to installing solar panels. Due to the fact that Adelaide is in the southern hemisphere, and that the sun rises from east and sets to the west, a north facing solar panel grid would be optimal.

North facing solar panels capture sunlight the entire time that the sun is out, maximising the duration and direct angle of impact for the sun’s rays. If you have solar panels facing east or west, you only catch 40-50% of the sunlight available each day.

Not all homes have ample space on there north facing roof. If you are fortunate and you have a long north facing roof layout, you can install higher capacity solar panels. Otherwise, you may be limited in terms of how many solar panels you can mount on your north roof. Some home owners have no choice but to mount some solar panels on the east or west roof. This is not usually advisable as the yield is much lower on those facings.

Send your roof layout to your local solar panels installation company and get them to access how many solar panels you can mount on your north facing rooftop. This is the best approach.


Step 3 : Find a reliable solar panels installer.

Solar Panels AdelaideThe solar panels industry has picked up considerable in recent years. You now have a wide choice of solar panels installation companies to engage.

However, it is important to do your own research on which solar panels company has a better reputation and quality of work. Generally, the quality of the solar panels is quite standard, as components are usually imported from USA, China, Korea or Japan.  Quality is comparable when it comes to the hardware.

What is more important is the quality of the installer’s work. A reputable and trusted solar panels installation company will usually deliver a better workmanship. This is important as you can’t see what is on your roof unless you get a tall ladder and climb up there yourself to check.

Solar panels need to be mounted firmly, and angled precisely to capture the optimal amount of sunlight. It’s not as simple as bolting them to a roof. Sophisticated equipment and sensors are used during the installation process to “configure” or prime the solar panel system. Special connections also need to be made in order for the solar panels to function optimally as a grid.

A poor level of workmanship in any of these steps, could cause problems to arise in the future. And cost you money again should you need to do a callout.


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