Solar PanelsSystem Size - Adelaide

Solar Panels System Size For Adelaide

Solar panel systems come in various sizes. Starting from 2-3kW, it could scale all the way up to 10, 15 or even 20kW or higher. Depending the size of your property, or if you are deploying them into larger buildings (such as universities or hospitals), you will need to make an informed decision on how large a system size you need. The maximum capacity could also be limited by the amount of roof space you have available, preferably facing North.

Solar Panel Sizing and Capacity

Solar PanelsSystem Size - AdelaideSolar panels generally come in standard sizes and contain a fixed number of photovoltaic cells. Typically, a single panel has a capacity of 250-270w. This varies depending on it’s brand and model. So generally, if you are going for a 5kW system, you would be looking at 18-20 panels.

A 1 kW solar panel system can typically generate 4-5kWh of electricity per day.

The first thing you will need to determine is your daily power consumption. Power consumption also needs to be categorised into Day and Night consumption. Since solar panels only generate electricity when the sun is out, it stops supplying power after sun down. This means that if you wish to continue using the power generated by your solar panels at night, you will need to install a solar battery. Solar batteries store up the excess power generated by your solar panels during the daytime, and avails it for use at night.

If your household consumes less than 20kWh (day & night use), a 5kW solar panel system with a solar battery might be just right for you. That is if you wish to completely offset your power bill. However, most home owners are not aiming for this. Most would be happy to reduce their power bills by 40-60% – with the use of solar panels.

Should you install a Solar Battery

If you have the budget for it, why not? However, most home owners shy away from this for now as the cost of a solar battery starts from as high as $10-15k. The benefit to installing a solar battery is that you can maximise the use of your solar panels, so any excess capacity is stored. Especially if you are a heavy night user. Some home owners only get home after sun down, and they find that installing a solar panel system has not really reduced their power bill at all. That’s because they were not home to use that power during the day, and they do not have a solar battery installed.

If you are tight on budget for now, or feel the price of a solar battery is just too high for now, you could wait out a year or two, which is when battery prices are forecasted to come down somewhat, and you could add it then. However, this means that you will need to ensure you purchase a solar panel system that can support the type of battery you wish to install later.

Solar Panels Adelaide - Tesla Powerwall 2

For example, if you wish to add a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery next year, you should go for a solar panel inverter that is Powerwall 2 ready.

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