About Solar Panels

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Solar Panels line many of the roofs of homes in South Australia these days. With energy prices soaring, home owners are now making solar panels a default addition to their new home construction.

How Solar Panels Work

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Solar panels contain photo voltaic cells that capture sunlight and transforms it into DC currents. A solar inverter than transforms that into AC current which is used to power home appliances, such as television, air conditioning, dish washers, etc.

With solar panels, a household could significantly reduce it’s power bill, and also do their bit for the environment. Solar energy is considered clean energy which does not damage the ozone layer or result in deforestation.

Why Install Solar Panels in Summer

Summer is the best season to install solar panels for your home. Solar panels produce the best yield during summer due to the a variety of factors that are outlined below.

Longer Day Times

As we all know, the day time during summer lasts longer. With the sun rising earlier and setting way past 7pm, it is the ideal season to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Solar panel yields are optimal during the summer period.

An average 5kw solar panel system can yield between 15-20kWh of electricity minimally per day during summer. This would vary depending on your location and also the facing of your solar panels. North facing panels would catch the most amount of sunlight and hence generate the best yields.

Stronger Sunlight & Clear Skies

Needless to say, stronger sunlight and clear skies, which happens most days during the summer, are ideal for solar yields. In winter, frequent showers and overcast severely reduces the amount of sunlight that can be captured by solar panels.

Summer time is quite the opposite. The day stays clear mostly with little overcast – and the sunlight is good throughout the day. This is why solar panels generate the best yields in summer.

Heavy Day Consumption

During summer is also when most households consume the most electricity. This is due to the heat waves that scour across South Australia. With temperatures hitting 46° in summer, many homes blast their air conditioning throughout the day. This consumes a lot of power in the day.

A solar panel system will be able to generate electricity to offset this sudden spike in power consumption. While solar panels may not completely eradicate your power bill, it can and often does, offset a significantly portion of the bill. This makes it easier on home owners. Your family can stay comfy without your power bill skyrocketing.

Summer is the best season to install solar panels. And if you plan on installing solar panels, you should do it ahead of the summer. Why wait when every minute of sunlight translates into power savings for you?

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