Installing Solar Panels For Your Home in Adelaide

Why Install Solar Panels For Your Home

As energy costs escalate, and with South Australia now having the highest power rates in the country, home owners here in SA are desperately looking for ways to reduce their power bills. To make matter worse, the summer heatwaves are causing consumption to skyrocket, through air conditioning usage.

Time to turn the tables. Solar Panels are now not only a good idea, they have become a necessity. With all the sun we get in summer, why not put it to good use by installing solar panels for your home.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Pay Less On Your Power Bill

Solar panels can reduce the amount you pay on your power bill substantially. Larger capacity (kW) installations can even completely offset your power usage. This means that you could potentially pay nothing to your power company, if your solar panel system is able to generate 100% of the electricity you consume daily.

Solar panel capacity is measured in kW. Depending on your household size, personal consumption pattern and number of electrical appliances in your home, your daily consumption will vary. It is good to evaluate your power usage by reviewing your past months’ power bills, when determining how many solar panels you want to install.

Most home owners do not aim to completely offset their power bills. Most would be happy to just reduce their bills by 40-50% each month. This is still a substantial saving. Solar panel installations come at a high upfront cost. A 5kW solar panel system could set you back between $5,000 to $7,000. And the pricing increases with capacity.

Solar batteries are also very costly at the moment. If you wish to store up excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night, you will need to put in solar batteries. Solar battery prices vary with capacity with a 10kW battery costing close to $10k or more.

Depending on your budget, your savings from using solar panels will vary. Generally though, putting in Solar panels is always a good idea and you will see some savings.

Installing Solar Panels For Your Home in Adelaide


Clean Energy – Save The Environment

For many home owners, solar panels are about protecting the environment. For example, running your air conditioning on electricity from the grid damages the ozone. Electricity from power companies are generated from combustion (ie. burning of coal etc) which emits massive amounts of ozone depleting fumes into the environment. Deforestation is also a result of generating electricity through conventional fuels.

Solar panels utilise the natural light energy from the sun to generate electricity. Light energy is converted to DC currents using photovoltaic cells and then converted to AC current to power home appliances. This clean energy can be use power any electrical appliance, including air conditioning. Since solar panels do not emit any ozone depleting gases, it does not harm the environment.

Many home owners feel good about turning on their air conditioning more, when they have solar panels installed. They have that peace of mind that their personal consumption is not damaging the environment.


Solar Panels – Perfect For Summer

Summer is a season that typically demands the most energy consumption. This is due to the fact that air conditioning is usually heavily in use during this season.

This is where solar panels are ideal. During summer, the day is longer and you get way more sunlight than other seasons. This increases the daily yield from solar panels during the day. If you put in solar batteries, you could store up the excess electricity to cover your night usage as well.

For this reason, many home owners will consider installing solar panels ahead of summer. You want to capture as much sunlight as you can to reduce your power bill.

Installing Solar Panels For Your Home in Adelaide

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